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About IGS

Company Background

Integrated Global Solutions Limited (IGS) was founded in 2007. It is dedicated to provide operational enhancement products, services, and solutions to small, mid-size and enterprise organizations; as well as to the government sector. The customer base has significantly increased since our inception and the customers are mainly located in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

The success of IGS is sustained by our collaborative business methodology approach that integrates people, process, product and support. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the customer to gain the strategic business benefits by streamlining the processes tactically and finally achieve the good operational enhancements.


Core Values

IGS focuses on developing long-term partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to deliver world class enterprise solutions that benefit our business customers by improving performance, reducing operational costs, facilitating the decision making support and providing automation.


What we provide

IGS assists organizations to manage their IT to be more aligned with the business objectives. We provide IT solutions and consulting services to help IT organizations to achieve their business goals with the adoption of best practice framework such as IT Service Management's ITIL Best Practice framework.

IGS focuses on providing IT Service, Infrastructure, Asset and Security Management solutions (including software license, service and training) for clients in Hong Kong, Macau and China . IGS consists of certified ITIL Service Managers,  ISO/IEC 20000 consultants and ISO/IEC 27001 consultants who can perform the ITIL consulting, Security consulting, ISO/IEC 20000 implementation, ISO/IEC 27001 implementation, SOA, middleware/database consulting service plus application development.

With the ITIL Best Practices, the core component is the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) which is made up of Configuration Management System (CMS) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Through implementation of SKMS, the organization can make the decision support based on the SKMS more quickly and effectively. IGS has abundant experience in implementing the SKMS / CMS / CMDB with extensive customer references. The analysis of SKMS and distributed business information are the key of big data implementation. Moving forward, IGS will leverage the skillset and enrich the product portfolio to extend to the big data initiative.